Meet Shawn

I love to feel my best every day and enjoy sustained energy to experience more life in my years!

My passion for health led me to become a Healthy Living Coach and Certified Fermentationist.  I love to research and study the healing power of food, and practice simple healthy habits for optimal health and wellness.

After extensive study, I have been teaching people for 20 years how to make quick and easy recipes using real food. 

My mission is to teach families all over the world how to get out of processed food and get back into the kitchen to create easy whole food meals in 30 minutes or less and implement simple healthy habits that will make all the difference in their quality of life.   Families have been pushed out of their kitchen by the easiness of processed food, but this convenience is taking its toll on physical and mental health of young and old. 

When you take charge of your health and learn simple steps to healthy living, you will feel your best and truly live a vibrant life!

Once upon a time I was a little girl who lived in a big city. My family ate the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). I had asthma and went to the doctor twice a week for allergy shots and was constantly on medication. As I grew, I seemed to pick up every flu bug going around, and I couldn’t run very far before having an asthma attack. When I was a teenager, the acne monster lived on my face. One fine day, I met and married my prince and in a few short years, we had three children. With a young family, I spent much time caring for my sick children. Keeping track of all their medications, sleepless nights, and constantly worrying about their health became my routine. I asked my Pediatrician if cow’s milk could possibly be causing some symptoms in my children and was told an emphatic “no”. I couldn’t shake the feeling that food was making them sick and began searching for answers. My Fairy God Mother appeared when my mom found a holistic practitioner who taught me to eliminate cow’s milk, refined sugar and flour, salt, and to get back to the basics of simple whole food. My kids’ health improved significantly fueling a new passion about learning how food affects the body and how simple steps to healthy living over time make all the difference.

Several years ago, my digestion shut down. Seeking an even better understanding, I began a journey of cleansing and rebuilding my gut.  I learned how stress disrupts gut bacteria and the gut-brain relationship.  My quest included returning to school to become a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Fermentationist.

As I healed my own gut, I discovered foods that provide powerful nutrients to the body leading me to study and experiment with them.  I started using all food in its season taking advantage of when nutrients are at their peak.  It all made sense helping me realize the power of healing foods and how a healthy gut equals a healthy brain and a strong immune system which lowers risk for chronic illness and disease.

More importantly, I learned that EVERYTHING is food to the body, not just the food I ate….thoughts, feelings, relationships, breathing, sleep, how I deal with stress, the work environment, moving the body, hobbies, and giving service are all pieces to the puzzle of optimal health. The break-through appeared and I visualized my happily ever after!  My husband and I started a Smile Challenge, tapping into the healing effects of smiling and a positive outlook on everyday life.

Now I live out in the country and am on a mission to show people all over the world how to make yummy seasonal foods in little hands-on time and how to implement simple daily strategies that elevate their quality of life.  I realize that my happily ever after includes helping others learn simple steps to healthy living so they can feel their best every day and live life to its fullest!

Training and Education

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

Health Science and Nutrition Coach

Certification Program

Certified Fermentationist®
The Art & Science of Fermentation

University of Natural Health

Bachelor of Science

Enrolled Master of Science/Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition

Certified Natural Health and
Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Completed several online courses in Gut and Brain Health