Best School Year Ever!

I am passionate about the rising generation. These beautiful children need strong bodies and minds to give their gift to the world. Unfortunately, many of them are growing up on processed food that contain chemicals, preservatives, additives, and pesticides which are hijacking their palates and robbing their health.

A new school year is here and there are 3 important factors for your child to have a great school experience:  Good food, sound sleep, and reducing EMF exposure for better attention and learning.

This eBook is a resource full of 47 power-packed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts that you can make in 30 minutes, along with easy tips to help your child sleep sound, and simple strategies that make all the difference in your child’s ability to pay attention and learn.

May this year and every year be THE BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER for your child!

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Brilliant Brain for Life

You have been driven right out of your kitchen with convenience, packaged, and prepared foods at your fingertips.  These are the foods that are zapping your energy, robbing your memory, and leaving you with daily brain fog.

You can improve the function of your brain by practicing simple healthy habits that over time will make all the difference in your quality of life.

Brilliant Brain for Life eBook helps you create healthy habits for stress, memory activities, food and gut health, EMF exposure, moving the body, and getting restorative sleep, more energy, a sharp mind, and brain free of fog.

It includes 20 simple whole food recipes along with Top Brain Foods and Daily Brain Protection Tips to help you change your brain so that you can enjoy more of life!

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Holiday Fuel

Make this year different!  Enjoy flavorful nutritious holiday fare without gaining a pound!

The holidays are filled with extra demands on your time and energy.

What you really want is to keep your waistline, maintain your energy, and stay well during the holidays.

Get ready to celebrate the holiday season with simple energy packed recipes you can make quickly, and share the energy boosting potential of your favorite holiday meals with your friends and family!

Use the Holiday Habit tracker for higher energy levels and lower holiday pressure!

Put the power of Holiday fuel to work for you with 51 recipes for you to enjoy flavorful and nutritious whole foods…without gaining a pound!

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Recipes for the Hangry College Student

Your future is bright and full of possibility. You have so much to offer the world.

The healthier you are the more LIFE you experience.

I created this collection of recipes to help you taste the flavors of real food that is not laden with salt, sugar, and fat.  Processed food robs you of your taste buds. Your schedule is full, and convenience calls out to you.  However, convenience comes with a price.

My hope for you is that you won’t trade your health for convenience. Form habits now to prepare most of your food to fuel your body and brain for a thriving life!

Whole foods are flavorful and easy to make. Make the most of this new chapter of your life and put optimal fuel in for optimal performance out!

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Summer Treats in 15 Minutes

Using quality ingredients and spending time together in the kitchen will nourish your body and your relationships.

You are bombarded with packaged foods that have been stripped of nutrients and loaded with artificial colors and flavors. It’s time to get back to the basics of simple whole food eating.

This eBook contains recipes that you can make in minutes. What’s amazing is that you will discover how delicious healthy food is!

Food gives you energy to have fun in the summer sun. Life is so much better when you feel good so take charge of your health and create yummy summer treats!

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Swing Into Spring With Nutrients

Everything in the body is interconnected and food has the power to heal or destroy.

One of the greatest joys on my journey has been teaching others how to make easy, delicious seasonal whole food recipes focusing on veggies. My mission is to show people simple steps to healthy living that over time make all the difference in how you feel every day.

Enjoy these 20 flavorful Spring recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less!

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